If you are considering getting into the window cleaning business then you have come to the right place. Water Fed Pole window cleaning is definitely the way to go especially with one of our new Hotwash systems, window cleaning has never been easier. Please click on my site for more information


Window Cleaning Forum and Time Saving Water Fed Pole Equipment

The window-tools.com Forum is the worlds best online source for window cleaning especially for water fed pole window cleaning. We have users registered from around the world. The www.window-tools.com forum was set up around the time the window cleaners were starting to get into WFP window cleaning, and a large percentage of these people found out all about it on the window-tools.com forum.

Although other forums may have more members the www.window-tools.com forum is the largest forum on the internet dedicated solely to window cleaning and in particular water fed poles.

Joining is easy just a user name and password is all that is needed. You can still browse through all the past post without being a member, but membership is essential for the advanced feature and posting.

Please have a look at the below website, you won't be disappointed.


New Window Cleaning HotWash

Now you don't have to spend over £2000 to heat the water in your water fed pole van system. This new propane heating system will heat your water instantly as it leaves your pump. It is fully automatic, when the water flows the heater ignites, and when the water stops the heater goes out. It also has a full thermostat control to keep everything in your van warm and cosy during the night. The HotWash runs at a fraction of the cost of a diesel heater, and is a fraction of the cost to buy at only £400.

HotWash Trolley System

The worlds first and only hot water trolley system. For window cleaners using a trolley system then this is the way to go. Fully automatic, only heaters water at the point of use.

I have many people using my trolley system at the moment, and due to the design changes in the new HotWash trolley system the old trolley frame will be redundant. I am offering all existing customers an upgrade new design trolley that will hose the HotWash system at a greatly reduced price, please phone Peter on 07751 964 450 for details.

Advantages of Hot verses cold

Why would I need Hot water?

  1. Cut your cleaning time by up to 40%
  2. Use less water with more thorough cleaning
  3. Allows you to work comfortably in all weathers including freezing conditions
  4. Makes your hoses much more manageable
  5. No more expensive to run electric heaters to heat your van overnight
  6. Work when it was previously impossible

Advantages of Propane verses Diesel

Why would I want propane instead of diesel?

  1. The propane heating is only 20% the cost of a diesel heater to buy
  2. Can be fitted to any van, and used with any water fed pole system.
  3. No waiting to heat the system through heat exchangers, the Hotwash will heat your water instantly to over 60 degrees
  4. Fully adjustable from warm to very hot
  5. Will run two poles easily even in the coldes of weather
  6. Running costs about 1/3 of a diesel heater

Window Cleaning Autobrush

Are you fed up running out of water during the day? Are you sick and tiered of seeing your water spraying all over the place when you are moving from window to window, or putting your pole up or down? Would you like to work smarter, faster and longer, and earn more money into the bargain? Well now you can with the Aquatec AutoBrush, only use water when cleaning the window. For more information please click the link below.

Although the Autobrush has been on the market for quite a few years only now other manufactures are trying to develop water saving devices, and although years behind there is still nothing that comes close. The Autobrush is the only device that allows you to use your own pole hose, angle joint, and still allows you to have the pole hose on the outside of the pole should you want to add and take away sections easily.